Artist Statement

“A painting is like poetry , It needs days and hours of expressions in layers and slowly it takes shape and form, thus becomes a poem”

Now living in Utrecht, I can often be found in my studio working on multiple pieces at the same time while listening to music or podcast. Day begins with a layer deeper into the painting. Primarily working with acrylics, charcoal marks underneath, I use brushes and sometimes knives to influence the interaction with the material. My process leads me to create paintings in a series, drawn from life and constructed with imagination. It is about the order of images from my experiences, memories, places I have been to, people I met on the street, the conversation, textures, colors and shapes. My work is composed of many layers and a little bit of texture demonstrating my interaction with  canvas .

These series of paintings – Figurative, Landscape , and Fragment all agree to the day and instances of life that bring time of force, joy, emotions, dispute and resolution to the canvas.

I am working with both representational and non-representational manner while struggling with the need to merge figuration with a love of abstraction that produce bodies of work. The feminine is played against the virile in a series of recent art work, the immediate but at the same time disciplined . The construction of each work is spontaneous , bold and expressive .​ I don't want anyone to feel obligated to think anything particular, I want all these to be interpreted from viewers point of view . I put a lot in the artwork and a lot happens in the artwork, yet I just want the viewer to interpret the artwork how they want.